About C.C.G Hawkins (the editor)

Developmental Editor
C.C.G. Hawkins

C.C.G Hawkins is developmental editor specializing in providing feedback for speculative fiction; which is to say any story that is fantasy, sci-fi, horror, etc. He also takes on projects with non-book formats like comics, web-serials, and video games. His goal is to help storytellers of all styles tell the story they want to tell, with advice that’s flexible to format but with an eye for big picture problems.

Developmental editing:  the phase of book editing where editors evaluate a manuscript to identify structural, systemic, and stylistic issues that are keeping it from being ready to be published.

As a beneficiary of the two biggest fiction cultures on the planet, C.C.G. Hawkins brings to the table a spread of international story experience, especially in the realms of fantasy and science fiction. He has also read a wide variety of mixed medium fiction -including comics, graphic novels, web-series, and more- and enjoys writing essays and analyses about the fiction he’s read during his free time. As an editor, his strategic mindset and diverse story experience helps him identify the crucial changes necessary to make a story work, as well as what edits will provide the biggest bang for the buck.

Part of C.C.G. Hawkins’s editing package is his portfolio of custom story documents, which are based on his personal creative writing process; Writing Drafts. Some of the documents include a premise breakdown, character sheet, and plot beat sheet.

Writing Draft story documents

These documents are designed to help authors -especially those who are not the best at plotting- understand and identify where their story has holes; whether that is in the pacing, in the character construction, or the setting. Of course, these are provided in conjunction with a fully annotated manuscript and a summary of suggested edits, but he has found having an alternate, more visual format can help many writers during what is admittedly a very long and taxing revision process, much of it conducted long after he has provided feedback.

If you’re interested in hiring C.C.G. Hawkins as a developmental editor, whether for a quick consultation or the full monte, check out his profiles on Upwork and Fiverr, or contact him directly at ccghawkins00@gmail.com.

Additionally, if you’re not in the market for an editor yet, try checking out Writing Drafts. It’s the next best thing besides hiring C.C.G. Hawkins, containing all of his experience and storytelling wisdom, albeit shared with a bit of attitude.

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