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C.C.G. Hawkins

Born in Japan, and raised in America, C.C.G. Hawkins has been an avid fan of fiction his whole life. Indoctrinated, he might say, as one of his earliest memories is of his father reading him J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit. To this day, he still remembers marveling over how Alan Lee’s exquisite cover of the 1997 edition made Smaug’s golden hoard look like liquid fire, and wondering what in the heck those dwarvish runes etched into the trimming meant.

Once he started reading on his own, it immediately became his favorite past-time. While other boys and girls were running about and playing, C.C.G. Hawkins spent all day reading and re-reading his copies of Louis Sachar’s Holes and J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone until they were bent beyond repair. Eventually, after many more books, he began to hone in on stories with specific qualities; such as works with illustrations like Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell’s The Edge Chronicles; irregular formatting like Johnathan Stroud’s Bartimaeus Sequence; or a strategic bent like Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game. These are qualities that influence his taste to this day.

Of course, at the same time as he was reading too many books, C.C.G. Hawkins was also watching movies and television, as well as playing games. However, as he was raised on a diet of Ghibli films, his standards were quite high. So it wasn’t until he saw Frank Darabont’s 1994 adaptation of The Shawshank Redemption and the 2004 remake of Battlestar Galactica that he began to really delve into visual mediums. And it was about that same time -around the end of highschool- that he also began to dip his toes into drawn and animated works, and soon after, web fiction.

Oddly though, throughout all those years of voraciously consuming other people’s stories, it never once occurred to C.C.G. Hawkins that he might want to create one of his own. It was only after finding out that three of his favorite series were on hiatuses -whilst also failing to find any more stories that matched his tastes- that he decided ‘fuck it, I’d better write it myself.’ Add a dash of sweat and a couple years of hard work, and before he knew it, Challenger’s Chase was born.

The first chapter of Challenger’s Chase was released on [DATE], and the series is ongoing to this day. Approximately fifteen books are planned for the series as a whole, and large segments of the first three have already been drafted. However, just as Challenger’s Chase is a story with its eyes aimed up at the stars but its feet planted firmly on the ground, C.C.G. Hawkins knows this journey will be a long one, plans to take it one step at time.

Ongoing Projects

1. Challenger’s Chase (TBA)

You know it, you love it; C.C.G. Hawkins’ flagship adventure series. New chapters every month!

2. Writing Drafts (TBA)

C.C.G. Hawkins’ free creative writing program. Covers everything from drafting to marketing.

3. Author’s Choice (TBA)

A monthly book club podcast discussing our favorite books & stories; for writers, by writers.


New chapters of Challenger’s Chase are released every month. As that is the highest priority, other projects may be left on the backburner for some time. If things are behind schedule, please be patient, and expect for information regarding upcoming releases on a quarterly/yearly frequency.

C.C.G. Hawkins’ creative process is/will be documented in his Writing Drafts series. If you look through and can’t find a subject matter, it is likely that there are plans for the relevant educational content but they are yet to be completed. Current estimates project the full course will be uploaded by the end of 2030.

If it requires travel or hotel stay, the answer is no for the foreseeable future. For podcasts and other such virtual events, send an invite using the contact tool below.

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